Beam line for schools - Tweets of intent

Here is a selection of some of the best "Tweets of intent" from the 455 teams that registered for the beam line for schools competition:

"Why do you think you should win this competition? "


Running an experiment at the prestigious CERN? Let us 'atom!' It is sure to be a 'smashing' time! May the gravitational force be with you.



We have the ideas, the talent, the enthusiasm, all we need is an opportunity. Our theory is crazy, it just might be crazy enough to be true.



Yes, we C(an)E(njoy)R(unning)N(ew)!(deas)



We should win the competition because of our sacrifice of sleep for studying particle physics; it’s been a while since we sLepton our beds!

 United States


Our formula for winning has: particularly bold ideas, high energy enthusiasm, left-right brain symmetry, vibrant diversity. #beamusupCERN !



Something that helps you to get up everyday. A passion which makes you enjoy every single moment of your life. For us this is Physics.



The beauty of an experiment is that you don´t know wheter it will work out. We will create the occasion instead of waiting for it to come.



Hadrons are heavy, Leptons are light, The standard model is incomplete, We will make it right!

 United Kingdom


We'd like to represent our school, hit by an earthquake, and forget that terrible experience developing a project essential to our future.



We put the 'fun' in fundamental!

 United Kingdom


We want to take our snowball throwing experiments a step further, as they haven't led to any new particles - yet.



We promise to work on a string of absurd ideas, as Einstein once said "If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it".



From the land of Demokritos who invented the notion of atom, our interdisciplinary experiment allows particles reveal their chaotic symphony.



We are an ambitious group of students with ideas as infinite and delicious as pi(e).



We're adeptly innovative with phenomenal ideas in a poorly funded school. CERN's competition offers an opportunity that seems unreal.



Because we know physics goes beyond what's written on books and we could so try out new ways to apply it,and so enrich our own lives.



We will ignite the new big bang in fields of physics and prove that young brains can also make an impact.



PHI! Love, Breathe, Drink, Eat Physics. Best Restaurant in town? CERN



We're 7, the dream is 1. It's a kind of magic we're hoping to reach. One small step for CERN, one giant leap for us. Science must go on!



So as to prove that ordinary students from less privileged countries such as Mauritius also stand a chance in the growing world of science.



Down by Mont-Blanc, a strange state we're in, all charged up and about to spin, the Frog'higgs are charmed and ready to win!



All us physicists yearn/to win a fun trip to CERN/From proton to pion/It's what we've got our eye on/So we think you should give us a turn.

 United Kingdom


We must win because our probability density wave function for September 2014 is maximal in Geneva. We also cook terrific cookies.



Not even the strongest walls can stop our passion.


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